Once you have reached the end of your traineeship, your traineeship must be discharged and you are entitled to apply for a full unrestricted practising certificate. You should also apply for admission if you have not been admitted during your training.

What do I need to do at the end of my traineeship?

Tick Icon    Your PEAT 2 record must be up to date

In order for your training contract to be discharged, all PQPRs must be fully completed and 60 hours (min) TCPD must have been logged.


Tick Icon   You need to apply for admission to the roll of solicitors

Some trainees will have already been admitted during the traineeship. Admission is another important milestone for assessing you are fit and proper to be a solicitor. Please note you can apply for admission and discharge (below) as one process. 


Tick Icon    Discharging a training contract

At the end of your traineeship, usually after two years, your training contract must be discharged. This is a vital stage of the traineeship because a solicitor is not entitled to hold a full (unrestricted) practising certificate until this process has been completed. Discharging your traineeship also means you have qualified as a solicitor!

Please email legaleduc@lawscot.org.uk to request the relevant paperwork.