Racial Inclusion Group: Further research

The Racial Inclusion Group is continuing its work to better understand the professional experiences of members. So far it has undertaken a literature review, meetings with organisations and a survey. It would though like to speak to certain groups within the profession either in one to one phone calls/video calls or in roundtables. The groups they would particularly like to hear from are:

  • Students from an ethnic minority background with recent experience of accessing university.
  • Students from an ethnic minority background with recent experience of studying at university.
  • Graduates seeking a traineeship or trainees from an ethnic minority background with recent experience of attempting to gain or gaining a traineeship.
  • Solicitors from an ethnic minority background keen to discuss experiences of pay, promotion and progression.
  • Hijabi women keen to discuss their experience in the profession.
  • Solicitors from an ethnic minority background with recent experience of court work.
  • Partners from an ethnic minority background.

If you are keen to take part in any of the above please email diversity@lawscot.org.uk indicating which discussions you would like to be part of.

Racial Inclusion Group

The Racial Inclusion Group launched on 29 January 2021, with Council approving the membership of the group. Tatora Mukushi, a solicitor with Shelter Scotland, convenes the group.

Group Aims

The group will seek to better understand the lived and professional experiences of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) members and will report to the Law Society Council with recommendations later in the year.

As convener of the group, Tatora Mukushi will also be our representative on the Scottish Government’s Cross-Justice Working Group on Race and Workforce.


The group will:

  • Revisit the Profile of the Profession and undertake a literature review of any other data sources that may give us insight on how to improve racial inclusion in the profession
  • Undertake research with BAME law students, trainees, and solicitors, inviting them to come forward to speak openly (anonymously, if preferred) about their experiences. This may be done, for example, in one-to-one calls or by subject-focused roundtables
  • Speak to other stakeholders in the profession, such as the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, law firms, in-house teams, and universities to discuss best practice, challenges and how these challenges can be overcome.

Equality and diversity

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