Guidance related to Rule B3: Advertising Fees

Where your fees for your services are advertised either by you or by a third party and whether or not you are named in such an advertisement the advertisement must include mention of outlays and VAT with no less prominence than the fees. Where "legal fees" or similar expressions are used, the fees quoted should be the fees to be charged by you and the figure quoted should not conceal a commission or referral fee to be paid to a third party. Any such commission or referral fee should be shown separately. 

Failure to mention outlays and VAT with no less prominence than the fees may be regarded as misleading and inaccurate and therefore in breach of rule B3.5. In terms of rule A4, such a breach may be treated as professional misconduct.

Systems should be put in place to ensure that any outsourced provider of your services complies with this Rule'.

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