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Your Scottish solicitor, always on your side.

What the Law Society does for the public

You don't need to find yourself in a court case to be involved with the law. It's something that we all need to navigate from time to time, whether we're buying or selling a home, setting up a new business or making a will. Fortunately there are expert guides on hand to put you in the picture. 

What solicitors can do for you

Solicitors are highly trained professional advisers who can offer advice on a range of issues. Want to know more about some common legal issues and how a solicitor can help you?

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What the Society can do for you

The Law Society cannot provide legal advice but can help by assisting you in finding a solicitor and providing information on other legal-related matters.

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How to spot a scam solicitor

Avoid potential scams by reading our seven tips for spotting a scam solicitor and seeing our list of recent scam alerts.

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Law reform consultations and Bills

One of the main functions of the law reform team - staff and committees - is to analyse and respond to proposed changes in the law.

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Our Priorities for the UK General Election 2015

The protection of human rights, growing the economy and gaining long term clarity on the UK’s membership of the European Union should be among the key priorities for political parties.

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