Rules and guidance

Information in this section is separated into five categories: rules; guidance; forms and fees; advice and information; and alerts. Categorisation indicates the purpose and importance of the item, and it is your responsibility to ensure you understand how each element applies to your practice. See explanation for more details.

The table of contents lists the rules and any other items which directly relate to those rules. Guidance and related items which are not directly related to rules can be found in Sections E and F.

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Amendments to the Guidance on the Ownership and Destruction of Files for clarification

New guidance on Instruction of Advocates and Solicitor Advocates in the Superior Court 

New Advice and Information about applying for waivers of practice rules 

New Advice and Information in relation to applications for waiver re conflict of interest 

New guidance on Legal Rights

New advice and information on Scottish New Build Standard Clauses

New version of the Scottish Standard Clauses (Edition 2)