Conduct complaint decisions

The Law Society investigates all conduct complaints against Scottish solicitors, and has the power to determine whether or not a solicitor's conduct amounts to unsatisfactory professional conduct. Our searchable database includes a selection of past decisions of our Professional Conduct Sub Committees in relation to conduct complaints made against Scottish solicitors which fall within this category.

Where a complaint is upheld as unsatisfactory professional conduct, the Society must censure the solicitor, and also has the power to :

  • direct the solicitor to undertake training or education as regards the law or legal practice;
  • direct the solicitor to pay a fine up to a maximum of £2,000;
  • direct the solicitor to pay compensation to the complainer for loss, inconvenience or distress, up to a maximum of £5,000.

More serious conduct complaints are prosecuted by the Society before the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal. The Discipline Tribunal is an independent body which has the power to decide whether a solicitor's conduct amounts to professional misconduct. The Discipline Tribunal publishes its findings on its own website.

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