Professional practice helpline (for solicitors only) - 0131 226 8896

Our professional practice team of solicitors offers a confidential support service on practice rules and guidelines for Scottish solicitors. The team handles 20,000 enquiries a year, offering clarification on practice rules and advice on ethical issues and anti-money laundering.

Trainee helpline - 0131 226 7411 (option 3)

A dedicated, confidential helpline is available for trainees and those training trainees. An experienced member of staff will be able to offer you guidance, advice and assistance should you need help in dealing with issues or difficulties affecting a traineeship. For additional information, please contact

Education and careers helpline - 0131 476 8203

A dedicated member of staff will help with any questions about qualifying as a solicitor, including information on universities, the cost of studying law and career prospects, as well as any general questions about a career in the legal profession. Please contact us by phone or at

Pastoral care helpline - 0131 476 8111

Our pastoral care helpline is available for members and registered paralegals. You can also get in touch by emailing The helpline is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm. From this hub, we can put you in touch with the right person here or help source local professional support to help with your problem.

Public helpline - 0131 226 7411 (select option 1)

This number is for members of the public with queries. Please note we cannot provide legal advice, but we can help you find a solicitor. You can search by the type of work you need carried out or search for a solicitor close to where you live. We can also trace any law firm in Scotland past and present. For instance, you might be looking for legal files for a firm that has closed or moved.