One of the main functions of our policy team, along with our network of volunteers - is to analyse and respond to proposed changes in the law. We do this to help ensure that new laws or changes to existing ones are clear and will work in practice.

Part of this process involves commenting on consultations from the Scottish GovernmentScottish Parliament, UK Parliament, Scottish Law Commission and Europe.

We have produced a video which explains more about what we do  - you can watch it on our Vimeo channel.

How we create policy

Through our network of expert groups, we help to influence policy and shape good law in Scotland and the UK.

Our responses to consultations

Our responses to recent consultations on various areas of law.

Our input to parliamentary bills

To help shape good law, we regularly provide responses and briefings related to bills from Holyrood and Westminster.

New legislation to grow legal services

As part of our strategy, we set out our ambition to secure a modern, flexible and enabling legislative framework.