Our standards

At the Law Society of Scotland, we aim to provide a high level of service to all those who depend on our services and with whom we interact. We will be open, inclusive and respectful in our dealing with our members, stakeholders and the public. At all times we will act with honesty and integrity.

We will also take any complaints made against us seriously, investigate them fully and take action in those cases where our performance is found to have fallen short of our standards.

Standards of service you can expect

We will:

  • treat you fairly and with respect
  • offer a professional, helpful and polite service
  • deal with your letters, emails and phone calls promptly
  • do our best to help you
  • let you know how quickly we can take action
  • provide easy-to-understand, useful information and keep you up to date about the services we provide
  • deal with your feedback promptly
  • make sure our staff have the skills they need to do their jobs properly and considerately
  • measure our standards regularly

Equality and Diversity

We aim to ensure that the services and information we provide are open and accessible, regardless of factors such as race and gender. Please see our statement on diversity.

We will therefore provide:

  • online information in hard copy on request
  • information in alternative formats (such as Braille or audio tape) on request
  • loop hearing systems in our public meeting areas
  • access to signing and other interpretative services
  • textphone facilities
  • wheelchair accessibility to our office

General enquiries - contacting us

View our office opening hours.

When contacting us by telephone during office hours, we will:

  • be professional, helpful and polite
  • give you our name when we answer
  • treat you and the information you provide us with respect
  • provide someone to help with your enquiry if the person you want to speak to is not available or arrange for someone to ring you back
  • return your phone calls on the same day you asked us to or, if this is not possible, within one working day

When responding to letters or emails, we will:

  • take your enquiry seriously and try to respond with the appropriate information as quickly as possible
  • tell you who is dealing with your enquiry
  • aim to give you a full response within ten working days
  • send an acknowledgment for all initial enquiries that we cannot respond to within ten working days with information on the likely timescale for providing you with a full response
  • use plain language that is easy to understand and which avoids the use of jargon
  • properly explain any legal or technical terms used
  • be professional and respectful in our use of language

Respect for our staff

We will always try to do our best to meet the needs of those who contact us in good faith. We have a duty of care to our staff and expect them to be treated politely and with respect by all those contacting us.

Sometimes we experience behaviour that is unacceptable. On these extremely rare occasions, we will use our Unacceptable behaviour policy, which sets out the actions that we can take in such circumstances.


We are always looking to improve the way we do things. If you have any ideas on how we can do things better, we like to hear from you.

Please contact us at lawscot@lawscot.org.uk.

We also have information available about making a complaint about the Society.

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