We're keen to see our members' careers grow so we have developed practice management and leadership training as well as the opportunity to be accredited as a specialist in a number of fields. We also offer members the opportunity to get involved in our committee work or take on a mentoring role.


For information about what partnership means, training entails and what skills you will need to develop in order to be successful.

Accredited Specialisms

The accreditation scheme offers recognition of solicitors who develop specialist knowledge during their careers. There are over 500 accredited specialists.

Solicitor Advocates

Find out more about becoming a solicitor advocate, amendment rules and specific CPD requirements.

Our career mentoring scheme

We run a successful career mentoring scheme, which supports those hoping to advance their legal careers. Find our about becoming a mentor or a mentee.

Committee membership

Join one our 60 committees carrying out vital work on a range of issues from improving the law and legal practice to protecting the public interest.


Career support and advice

We have a dedicated careers team, who provide advice on employability skills, entry to the profession and career growth.

Employability advice

If you're looking for a job, make sure you have the basics right. Use our guidance for writing a great CV, completing applications and preparing for interviews.