Treading your own path: trying to secure a summer placement

Third-year law student Harley Kirk shares her experience of the difficulties securing a summer placement, and reminds other students to not compare their experiences to others.

Journal editorial May 2022: Ball in their court

There could at last be public sympathy for action taken by legal aid lawyers in support of their campaign for adequate rates

Stuart Murdoch: What being a Rising Star Award winner means to me

Stuart Murdoch, now a Partner at DLA Piper, won the In-house Lawyers Committee’s first ever In-house Rising Star Award in 2013. We speak to him about what it meant to win the award, and why recognising talent in the legal profession has never been more important.

Why is the protection of Intellectual Property rights so important?

Gavin Davies, Secretary to the Law Society of Scotland Policy Intellectual Property Sub-Committee reflects on the importance of properly protecting Intellectual Property rights and explores the wide-ranging impacts of their infringement.

Managing your stress through mindfulness

In the final blog of our series for Stress Awareness Month, Ashleigh Halpin, HR and Mindfulness consultant, offers an insight into mindfulness and how it can help with stress.

Journal editorial April 2022: Wanted!

Competition in legal recruitment is creating issues for smaller firms, and increasing the pay gap between defence lawyers and the rest

When personal trauma meets workplace stress

In the second of our blogs to mark Stress Awareness Month, Laura Meldrum discusses how her traumatic personal circumstances also presented challenges at work.

Don't let your stress bucket overflow

To mark Stress Awareness Month this April, a number of our members will be sharing their wisdom and experiences of stress, including the causes and strategies to deal with it. In the first of the series Catherine Hart, Partner at Digby Brown, explains how using the stress bucket metaphor has helped her manage it.

Being faith-friendly: an Employer's guide to Ramadhan

As we approach the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan, here's some suggestions on how employers should prepare to support employees who wish to observe it, and indeed religious festivals generally.

VAT on Disbursements

VAT is a complex and constantly changing tax and within the legal sector is one of the most challenging areas - VAT on disbursements. The team at the AAB Group clarify why confusion exists and the how to make the right decision when posting disbursements to your ledgers.

Fellows letter on legal aid

A group of the Law Society of Scotland Fellows have called for urgent action to address the crisis in Legal Aid.

Journal editorial March 2022: International order

The coordinated sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine offer some hope of influencing events without further escalating the use of force