Finding a job as a solicitor

In order to practise as a Scottish solicitor, you must have followed one of the recognised routes to qualification.

Some great tools to use when searching for jobs are:

Lawscot Jobs

This is the official recruitment website of the Law Society of Scotland. Here, you will be able to see jobs advertised throughout Scotland in a variety of sectors, in addition to being able to register your details as a candidate in order to receive information about incoming jobs in future.

There is also information specific to new lawyers to support them in their job search.

Find a Solicitor

Use the Law Society's find a solicitor function to locate solicitors in your area in order to find out if they have opportunities that perhaps they're not advertising elsewhere. You may also consider sending a speculative application, in which case make sure you send a strong CV and a tailored covering letter to the firm.

Recruitment websites

Law firms and particularly in-house organisations may use national employment websites to advertise their opportunities. Make sure you check Indeed and S1 jobs. LinkedIn is also often a rich source of job advertisements. Additionally, check national legal publications, who generally have a 'jobs' section in their daily/weekly email shots, such as Scottish Legal News.

Legal recruiters

Using a recruiter can be extremely beneficial when looking for your next role and they don't cost you anything to use as a jobseeker. In the current market, roles can be advertised exclusively through recruitment firms, rather than via traditional channels like national websites or Lawscot Jobs.

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