Convener: Susan Murray

Secretary: Rob Marrs (

Aims & functions of the committee

  • to set, form and guide the policy and actions of the Law Society of Scotland in relation to equality and diversity
  • to offer guidance and support to the Society and the head of diversity
  • to offer guidance on specific issues to the Council and committees of the Society, when requested to do so
  • to identify key priorities and key risks for the Society in relation to equality and diversity
  • to provide a forum for debate and best practice on issues of equality and diversity

Susan Murray (Convener)
Stuart Cassidy
Amerdeep Dahmi
Susannah Donaldson
Valerie Dougan
Dorothy Kellas
Drew McCusker
Rupa Mooker
Elizabeth Napier
Frances Ross
Ammara Salimi
Harry Martin

Dr Karla Perez Portilla
Aaliya Seyal
Lois Ratcliffe
Dr Kate Sang

Rob Marrs (Secretary)