We provide many professional, membership and regulatory services for our members.

In this section, you can find out about different types and categories of membership and fees, what services and benefits we offer as well as the rules and guidance for our members and information for different practice areas.

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CPD & Training

Law Society of Scotland CPD & Training courses covering your practice area, boosting your business skills and keeping you compliant.

Business Support

A range of business services are available to our members including practice management support, compliance and more.

Career Growth

We're keen to see our members' careers grow so we have developed practice management and leadership training as well as the opportunity to be accredited as a specialist in a number of fields.

Member benefits

Our member benefits include a wide range of personal, professional and business benefits.

Professional support

Contact the professional practice helpline for free and confidential advice on practice issues and ethics. We also provide dedicated contacts for in-house lawyers, members in England and Wales and those working in big firms.

Lawscot Wellbeing

Leading emotional wellbeing for Scottish solicitors and their employees across Scotland, England and Wales and beyond.