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Equality and diversity

Diversity statement

As the professional body for solicitors in Scotland, the Society has responsibilities to the profession, to the public as a whole, and as an employer. To represent and protect these truly diverse groups, the Society recognises the need to:

  • value the contribution from all who make up the population of Scotland
  • take strength from the widest experience, knowledge and understanding it can access - both within and outwith our Society membership
  • go beyond legal compliance by integrating diversity into all that we do
  • promote the core values of diversity to the profession as a whole


The legal profession, and the Society, have various responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity covered by legislation and statutory codes, for example:

  • as employers
  • as providers of 'goods and services' (to the public)

The Society has additional responsibilities as a:

  • 'public authority' in respect of our 'public functions'
  • service provider to the profession
  • trade (membership) organisation
  • qualifications body

Our Equality & Diversity Strategy is part of a package of measures to ensure that we meet the requirements and encourage the profession to do so.

You can view our key research in this area over the last ten year, some looking at the whole sector and collecting data to let us assess change, and others looking at specific groups (like minority ethnic solicitors) or specific issues (like bullying).

We also provide details of our Equality Impact Assessment system, which makes sure we take account of equality in key decisions we make.


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