Stephen Todd LLM (Sheffield), LLD (Cant), FRSNZ, Barrister (Inner Temple)

Stephen Todd is a Professor of Law at the University of Canterbury. He is the general editor and principal author of Todd on Torts (8th edition, 2019), and a joint author of The Law of Contract in New Zealand (7th edition, 2022). In a different vein, he has written Leading Cases in Song (2014), a light-hearted rewriting of some leading decisions as songs, with music and illustrations. He also contributes to Charlesworth and Percy on Negligence (15th edition, 2022) and Principles of Medical Law (4th edition, 2017). He is a holder of the John Fleming Memorial Prize for Torts Scholarship, a biennial international prize for torts lawyers. In 2022 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.