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How employers can get practically involved with social mobility

Olivia Parker, Interim Head of Careers & Outreach at the Law Society of Scotland, shares two key takeaways on how employers can practically get engaged with social mobility.

Accredited Paralegal blog: March 2019

Janet Rieu-Clarke, our Accredited Paralegal has been out and about this week, meeting Accredited Paralegals, solicitors and paralegals who are not accredited... Yet! She's had her pic taken for the First 100 Years project, shares some great news in numbers and invites you to get involved and share your own stories.

International Women’s Day 2019 President’s Speech

International Women’s Day 2019 President’s speech delivered at the President’s Annual Dinner in Edinburgh, by our President, Alison Atack.

First female solicitor appointed Dean of Greenock Faculty of Procurators

Law Society president Alison Atack congratulates Jill Carrick, the first woman to be appointed Dean of the Faculty of Procurators in Greenock

Tell us your thoughts on BAME representation in the profession

Rob Marrs, Head of Education and Policy at the Law Society, explains why we're keen to hear from BAME students, trainees or NQs who have had previous careers prior to studying law.

How fair is your traineeship recruitment pipeline?

Olivia Parker, Careers Development Officer at the Law Society, talks about whether employers are really engaged with fair access and highlights some of the pitfalls that are still regularly identified in the traineeship recruitment process.

Survey findings show improving gender equality in Scottish legal profession

Almost 80% of Scottish solicitors and accredited paralegals feel that gender equality has improved in the legal profession over the past five years.

What is vulnerability?

Research executive Nicola Johnstone asks what is vulnerability and how does it affect the experiences of vulnerable people in our criminal justice system? She also discusses a roundtable event being held by the Criminal Justice Committee and our research team to gather examples of best practice.

The value of research

Research executive Nicola Whiteford discusses the value of research and urges our members to have their say and take part in this year's Profile of the Profession survey before 30 May

Quotas, targets, or what can the legal profession learn from American football?

Our head of education Rob Marrs asks if quotas can encourage career progression

Getting to know you...

It's important that we know and understand our members - help us get to know you and take part in the Profile of the Profession survey.

Law Society launches Profile of the Profession research

Take part in our profile of the profession survey to help shape our future equality and diversity work.