For over 20 years I've worked with leaders in high demand roles.
Running their businesses, then as a consultant and coach.

Now, I work with heads of legal firms, CEOs of professional service businesses, doctors and surgeons through to startup founders, plus my clients' teams.

By understanding how we can manage ourselves and our minds optimally, we are able to create better results + live with greater fulfilment each day.

By shifting the historic and present-day issues, we can live happier and more prosperous lives, even during stressful times. Naturally, this often includes resolving trauma.

I work with people using a unique approach developed from my training as a clinical hypnotherapist, executive coach, transformational and results coach, creative thinking coach and in humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology, a number of related disciplines.

I also apply insights gained from living with and studying with indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest, from ancient global wisdom and from studying with Chinese QiGong and TaiChi masters.

I work with leaders through my unique 1-2-1 programme Blueprint 180™ and teams through the 'Beyond Resilience' and 'The Art And Science of Anti Fragile Leadership' programmes.

Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, I'm always happy to talk, answer questions etc.

We get stronger together!