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Our new Trauma Informed Lawyer certification course will be available for all members next practicing year, starting in November.

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Develop a strong understanding of trauma informed practice while earning recognition as a Law Society of Scotland Certified Specialist. This 20 hour course will give you a more comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in trauma informed practice, and help you to take the next step in your career.

The course is designed with Scottish solicitors in mind, but is also open to non-members, and participants do not need to have a prior knowledge.


This course is priced at £660 + VAT and consists of 20 hours verifiable CPD.*

*Becoming a trauma-informed lawyer is an increasingly essential competency that sits at the heart of a fair justice system. This is more important than ever at a time when growing emphasis is placed towards the development of a trauma-informed justice workforce that needs to be able to both improve the experiences of victims and witnesses, and to ensure a fair justice system for the accused.

With this in mind, we created this course at a lower rate than our other certification courses to reflect our ambition to increase awareness among our members about the importance of trauma awareness in all areas of law, while also to provide any solicitors working with people with the tools to elevate their client care skills.


Course speakers
Psychologist and Head of Trauma , Scottish Government
  1. Sign up for the certified course.
  2. Complete introductory pre-materials (trauma skilled e-module and coercive control) for 3 hours verifiable CPD.
  3. Attend six live online webinars for 15.5 hours CPD.
  4. Certification as Trauma-Informed Lawyer awarded with use of our marque.
Course components
Trauma Skilled e-module

This module, from NHS Education for Scotland, consists of five units, and takes around 1.5-3 hours to complete. It is designed to increase your understanding of what psychological trauma is and how it can affect us, how to support recovery and develop trauma informed relationships that incorporate trust, safety, choice and collaboration, and control and empowerment, and how to recognise when a person may benefit from a trauma specialist intervention

3 hours verifiable CPD

Coercive Control and the Law - A Trauma Informed Approach module

Complete this module, we collaborated with Scottish Government and other stakeholders to develop trauma informed training for solicitors. Trauma informed knowledge is essential to elevate your client care skills within many practice areas including Family law, Criminal law, Child law and Personal Injury.

You can find the resources and complete the quiz to gain 1 hour verifiable CPD here

Ahead of the 'Vulnerable witnesses and vulnerable accused seminar',you should watch the below three videos

  1. Trauma and Credibilty (9 mins)
  2. Re-traumatisation and Trauma Informed Approaches (6 mins)
  3. Window of Tolerance (7 mins) 

All of the videos are accessible through Vimeo, please follow the links above to access each video. 

Seminar One: Introduction to trauma and trauma-informed practice for lawyers
  • Recap and discussion of key points from skilled module integrated into legal practice
  • Preserving Wellbeing: Vicarious trauma, emotional load and burnout – what are they and how do we prevent them?

2 hours verifiable CPD

Seminar Two: Trauma in Practice

During this seminar, trauma-informed lawyers working in different practice areas will discuss their journey and what brought them to become trauma aware, as well as their experience of working with clients who have suffered from trauma. 

2.5 hours verifiable CPD. 

Seminar Three: Vulnerable Witnesses and Vulnerable Accused

Ahead of the 'Vulnerable witnesses and vulnerable accused seminar', you should watch the below three videos

  1. Trauma and Credibilty (9 mins)
  2. Re-traumatisation and Trauma Informed Approaches (6 mins)
  3. Window of Tolerance (7 mins) 

All of the videos are accessible through Vimeo, please follow the links above to access each video. 

2 hours verifiable CPD. 

Seminar Four: Lived Experience Workshop

This session will include a pre-recorded session on lived experience followed by group discussion. 

2 hours verifiable CPD.

Seminar Five: The Ethics and Skills of Trauma-Informed Lawyers

During this seminar, you will discuss:

  • Enhancing your client engagement and communication skills: adapt your initial engagement and litigation approach to minimize re-traumatisation
  • Recognising and applying legal ethics when working with traumatised clients
  • Vicarious trauma – supporting and protecting your own wellbeing

2.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

There will be a final assignment for the course, details will be provided in due course. 

Trauma-informed lawyering: looking abroad 

Access to private study materials on this topic will be provided to those on the course. 

1.5 hours verifiable CPD.