For over 30 years, Denovo have been successfully providing UK law firms with software business solutions that boost the bottom line, improve office efficiency and maintain Law Society compliance.

In 2019 we embarked on an ambitious software development plan and completely re-designed our software from the ground up. As a result, we have developed unique whole practice management software, known as CaseLoad, for UK based legal practices of all sizes. Built for modern law firms and developed with ease of use and functionality in mind, the fee earner has never been more informed.

We know running a law firm is competitive. Our software gives you the competitive edge with the most modern features and range of choice in the market. We’ll become partners, with our expert team guiding you all way. Thus, allowing you to reap benefits such as;

  • Working smarter
  • Reducing duplication
  • Driving more profit
  • Happier clients
  • Your own time back
  • Business Reporting
  • Being more organised

Moreover, our software can cover all the departments within a legal firm from Accounts, Case Management, Workflow, Executry and Estate Agency/Property Rental. We have the widest range of choice within the one suite of software at a price point that is proving to be attractive to the firms we partner with.

We help the legal profession get the most out of modern technology.

For more information visit or call us on 0141 331 5290 or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube