1.14.1 You must act with other regulated persons in a manner consistent with persons having mutual trust and confidence in each other. You must not knowingly mislead other regulated persons or, where you have given your word, go back on it.

1.14.2 Other than as permitted by rule 3, you may only communicate with a person known or believed to be the client of another regulated person ("the other regulated person") if:

(a) the other regulated person has agreed to the communication;

(b) the other regulated person confirms that he or she is no longer acting;

(c) you are serving a court document or formal notice;

(d) you are sending a fee note (or a reminder letter with regard to a fee note which remains unpaid) to a former client;

(e) you have (i) warned the other regulated person in writing that a reply to correspondence is needed within a specified and reasonable length of time and that if no reply is received within that time, you will write direct to the other regulated person's client; and (ii) no reply has been received within that time; or

(f) you are not already acting for another party in the matter and the person has sought advice from you.

1.14.3  In respect of rules 1.14.1 and 1.14.2 references to regulated persons shall be deemed to include advocates, English/Welsh solicitors, Northern Ireland solicitors, Isle of Man advocates, Jersey solicitors and Guernsey, Alderney and Sark advocates.