Practising certificate renewal or PC renewal is required on expiry of existing certificates on 31 October in each year. More information on PC renewal.

Paper Renewal

Application forms are distributed to the profession late September/early October. If you have not received your application form by mid-October, you should contact the Registrar's Department on 0131 226 7411 or send an email.

For information on practising certificate renewals, you can download our guidance material to the right of this page and visit our FAQs page.

Online Renewal

Members are invited each year in August/September to opt in to online Practising Certificate renewal. Online renewal is only available to members renewing Practising Certificates expiring October 31. For members whose employer pays their fees the employer requires to opt in to online renewal for all staff. Other members who are not associated with any employer in our records can opt in to online renewal as individuals.

Online Renewal "How to" Guide

Online Renewal Troubleshooting Guide

Renewal Fees

The fees for each practice year are agreed at the September Special General meeting. Information about current fees can be found in our PC renewal section.

Guarantee Fund contribution 2011/12

The Scottish Government expressed the view that only costs and income which can be directly attributed to the Guarantee Fund claims process should be allocated to the accounts of the Guarantee Fund. Accordingly what was formerly the Guarantee Fund contribution is now made up of two elements -- Guarantee Fund contribution and an Accounts Fee. The Accounts Fee reflects the cost of the inspection regime - it is not an additional charge.