2.2.1 In this rule 2.2, unless the context otherwise requires terms listed in the first column of rule 2.2.1 shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in the second column of that rule:



practice management course

a course of practical training in the management of practice units, the duration, form and content of which shall be prescribed by the Council from time to time


2.2.2 Subject to rule 2.2.3, if you become a manager of a practice unit you shall be obliged to attend a practice management course within a period not exceeding twelve months after the date on which you became such a manager, or such other period as may be determined by the Council in any particular case.

2.2.3 Rule 2.2.2 shall not apply to you if you:

(a) attended a practice management course within twelve months preceding the date on which you became a manager; or

(b) had been a manager within the period of three years preceding that date.