Well, here it is. You may think your new-look Journal will take little time to flick through, reduced in size as it is. However there is a lot of content in here.

We have chosen an interview as our lead feature this time. Philip Rodney’s prediction, on announcing strong results at Burness, that the market would be flat for the next year or more seemed worth following up, to see how he thinks growth might be achieved against that background. It’s worth reading and watching online, and doesn’t just involve trying to snatch business from the firm down the road.

We also have a sheriff's perspective on the implications of current budget restraints for judicial independence, and a survey of the fast-growing renewable energy scene with its plethora of opportunities for legal work.

Not least, there is a good deal more to link through to online. Some articles, and other items, have been edited to give them some exposure in the magazine, but with further information on www.journalonline.co.uk for those who wish it. We have also done our best to make the online content readily accessible, through the QR (quick response) codes – the symbols that look a bit like a blank crossword grid – if you have a smartphone capable of scanning them, or the short form URLs if you don’t.

If you haven’t been making use of the website up to now, it would be worth a look in any event. As well as the daily news items of most relevance to the profession, you can search what is now an archive of about 12 years of back issues of the magazine, check for forthcoming events, or catch up on blogs or forum contributions. And from next month you will be able to read your complete magazine online – ahead of its print publication date.

Producing a smaller magazine reminds me of the quote, attributed among others to Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde, that “I am writing you a long letter because I don’t have the time to write you a short one.” It has involved some labour to achieve only 48 pages! However there is a significant saving to the Society, and – the Journal team believe – even better value for members.

Please do let us know what you think, as respects both design and content.

Peter Nicholson, Editor
e: peter@connectcommunications.co.uk
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