Dear Friends,

A heartfelt thank you to all the members of the Society who have taken the trouble to wish me well on my retirement, especially those who have sent emails, letters, cards and gifts. I am truly overwhelmed by the kind and generous words that have been expressed by so many people. I have greatly enjoyed my time at the Society, and it has without doubt been the best part of my career in the law.

I feel proud of the way in which the Professional Practice team is held in such high regard by our members, and others we have helped with their enquiries, and am sure that the team will continue to provide the same level of service in future years, so please ask Coral Riddell, John Scott, Fiona J Robb, Stella McCraw or Alison Mackay if you need help from now on. They might not remember back to 19-oatcake, but they will try and find the answer. From mid-2014 they will have a more up-to-date book on practice and conduct to help them!

I shall miss being part of it, and I will certainly miss the friends I have made over the years, but I will be thinking of you as I sip another glass of wine on the terrace of our house in Burgundy, or wherever we might be in the motorhome Iona and I plan to buy. My best wishes to you all.

Bruce Ritchie, (retired) Director of Professional Practice, The Law Society of Scotland