I am perturbed, and not a little annoyed, at the graphics in “Purpose-driven women” (Journal, August 2015, 24). The use of such a sexualised pose in the context of any article, let alone this one, is ill considered, no matter who chose it or why. Linking an icon like Marilyn Monroe is an empty choice, albeit “apparently” appropriate to the article.

“How can they improve their prospects?” Object to stereotyping
in their “gender-neutral” Journal!

I have worked as an artist for the past 10 years, whilst maintaining my interest and connection with the legal profession. One of the greatest eye-openers for me has been appreciating, through art, the ongoing manipulation of everything concerning female gender identity. Many strides are being made in changing elements of how women are “expected” to be and behave, but it’s not helped by ill-considered graphics in a professional journal. Wake up!

Laura Graham, Belfast
We apologise if anyone thought our choice inappropriate. We thought it in keeping with the positive references in the article. – Editor