I read with interest the article (Journal, April 2016, 12) about stress. I perceive a lot of comments relating to, though not exclusive to, city firms.

We enjoy a good collegiate atmosphere in Kirkcudbrightshire and my firm can boast having a good, longserving, close staff. As well as the benefits of rural life, this area is centrally located for access to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast... so an evening's sport event or music concert is not too far away. One can be out the office and on a bicycle, golf course, or in the countryside in minutes.

Many firms here, including ourselves, are focused as modern businesses and I am not sure why we are not considered more, with our alternative lifestyle and potential for a more relaxed and supportive environment, but instead suffer from a solicitor shortage. A year ago we filled a vacancy with a solicitor deciding to relocate from Glasgow, and they have seen their career and lifestyle enhanced.

I do not understand why solicitors' minds are closed to relocating outwith the city – we cannot attract another qualified solicitor to fill our other vacancy and I note other local firms have similar difficulties.

Iain McDonald, partner, Gillespie Gifford & Brown LLP, Castle Douglas