How very different has been my experience of dealing with the SLCC than that of Ronald Hastings (see comment to news item at this link), who thinks that it takes up complaints against members of our profession with gay abandon and pursues these heavy-handedly.

My recent complaints against a certain large Glasgow firm were exhaustively investigated by the SLCC with commendable attention to detail before finding in my favour. Significantly, the SLCC was not aware that I am a solicitor.

Far from egging me on, the SLCC repeatedly sought to urge the parties to settle the claims without the necessity of a formal determination against the solicitors. In short, I found the SLCC signally protective towards the solicitors being complained against.

My one criticism is not against the work painstakingly carried out by the SLCC but the legislation under which it labours. In particular, whereas the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal publishes its determinations, cases dealt with by the SLCC are required by statute to be concealed from the public and the legal profession and, furthermore, all communications and determinations of the SLCC are required by the legislation to be kept confidential. Apropos of which, I am more than a little surprised that your correspondent can write about his specific dealings with the SLCC.

George Lawrence Allen, Edinburgh