I refer to recent correspondence in the Journal as regards the SLCC and the substantial increase in the annual levy.

As we all now know, the sifting process can proceed to a complaint without any representation on the part of the solicitor. The only remedy is to appeal to the Court of Session. This is a complex and hugely expensive remedy.

My understanding (anecdotal) is that where the SLCC has been appealed to the Court of Session against a decision to sift through a complaint it has invariably lost. This results in substantial costs being awarded to the appellant. It will be interesting to learn what effect these costs have had upon the increase in the levy, because I strongly suspect it will be a significant one. My understanding is that there have been a substantial number of such appeals and that the SLCC has consistently been defeated. The sooner this system is altered the better for everyone involved.

Robert Vaughan, R S Vaughan & Co, Glasgow