My eyebrows were raised by an advert today.

The SLCC were looking for a case investigator (complaints) to "manage a portfolio of complaints against lawyers".

The "essential criteria" consisted of previous experience of working in complaints; experience of analysing detailed information; ability to manage one’s own caseload; and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Under "desirable criteria", I noted "a legal background or law degree".

This perhaps explains why I recently had to explain to an investigator that adjustments to written pleadings are incorporated into a document called a record, upon which parties proceed to a proof or debate. The investigator was genuinely ignorant of this and I had to employ my time, energy and relatively short lifespan in this particular universe in teaching the portfolio manager how to do their job.

Having to pay the SLCC for the privilege is surely the ultimate definition of irony.

Graham A Fordyce, Glasgow