Can I make a request to the Society, in conjunction with SLAB, that they arrange to hold a large 21st party in Drumsheugh Gardens in April next year to celebrate the birthday of the legal aid rate of £42.20? It was wonderful to see the arrival of 42.20. It meant that we were able to conduct summary cases, prepare for trivial appeals, oh and murder appeals, at a reasonable rate.

Ex-President Brian Adair should be the host. The Society could perhaps invite the then chairman and chief executive of SLAB, if available, as special guests. A large tent could be erected in the gardens and some entertainment could be provided. My choice of headline act would be Charles and Eddie, but I know it’s the Society’s gig and if they want Right Said Fred, The Shamen or Boyz II Men, I’m fine with that. If the Society agrees I would put in a special request for a Skol Lager stall.

Perhaps if that is not possible the Society could fix next year’s practising certificate and Guarantee Fund subs at the 1992 rate, as a gesture of goodwill that will be appreciated by all solicitors carrying out criminal legal aid work.

Gerry McClay, Glasgow