Further to my previous letter, I think it only fair to announce that the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission has now issued a recommendation that the complaint against my firm is not to be upheld. Accordingly my cynicism contained within my last letter was perhaps misplaced and possibly I should have had more faith in the system of dealing with such complaints. Having said that, the complainer can still take matters further by refusing to accept the recommendation.

The reason for this follow-up letter is to try to be fair to the SLCC, who are obviously in a difficult position. Having said that, the thrust of my last letter was more to do with the sifting process and it still remains my position that this complaint should have been sifted out and that a stricter regime is in place. It is a matter of great concern to all responsible, diligent and competent solicitors that they may be liable to face swingeing penalties via the SLCC at the instance of malicious and unreasonable clients. Certainly, in my own case, although I was always of the view that the complaint was a spurious one, I was concerned at the uncertainty of what might happen.

Robert Vaughan,
R S Vaughan & Co, Glasgow