The SB, E&E Bill is currently going through Parliament. It had its second reading in the Commons and is now in a Public Bill Committee. Submissions to the committee are expected to close on 6 November, but may be earlier.

With 12 Parts and 10 Schedules, the bill is wide ranging in scope. Part 11 covers employment. On whistleblowing, it will require prescribed persons to report annually on the whistleblowing disclosures they receive. In employment tribunals, there will be a limit on the number of postponements, increased use of costs orders and provisions regarding non-compliance with awards. On the minimum wage there will be changes to the penalty system for employing workers at less than the minimum wage. There will be a ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. There will also be a requirement for public sector workers to repay exit payments if they are re-employed in the public sector.

The section on zero hours contracts and provisions on the minimum wage will benefit employees in a low wage economy.