The election is over, new faces have arrived and considerable attention now focuses on the referendum.

And, fascinating though the process has been (and I was fortunate to watch election night unfold as a guest of BBC Scotland at the Pacific Quay studios), I am not referring to the UK’s hung parliament, formation of a coalition government, and agreement or otherwise to hold a vote on proportional representation. Another important electoral process has been taking place.

The Law Society yesterday reported the results of our election to choose seven members of our Council in the Glasgow and Strathkelvin constituency. As a result, three new members will join our ruling body – welcome to solicitors Mike Dailly, John McGovern and David O’Hagan. Four others retake their seats – welcome back to Vice President Jamie Millar, Alison Atack, Austin Lafferty and Walter Semple. Nine other regional seats were uncontested.

Those re-elected are all active members of the Council and valuable contributors to the many debates that take place. The new members join at a critical time for the Society and will no doubt bring fresh thinking to our work. On the immediate horizon is this month’s referendum on the Society’s role as both a representative and regulatory body. Different views are held but the result will have consequences for your Society whichever way the vote goes.

Solicitors could be excused a certain degree of confusion, or indeed fatigue, over the recent and forthcoming votes conducted by the Society – on alternative business structures and our dual role, at general meetings and in referendums – but a familiar refrain remains as valid as ever. Whether the contest is to choose your constituency representative or shape the future of the Society – make sure you cast your vote. It’s your opportunity to make your views count.

Lorna Jack is Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland