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Introduction to Digital Evidence for Criminal Lawyers (Free Recorded Webinar) CPD

Gain a basic understanding on how digital evidence is used in criminal cases and how it is likely to affect the case you are working on.

Introduction to Digital Evidence for Employment Tribunals & Family Courts (Free Recorded Webinar) CPD

This webinar aims to create awareness on the presence of digital evidence in family court cases and employment tribunals.

Dealing with Digital Evidence in Police Forensic Reports (Free Webinar) CPD

This webinar will help you to understand the challenges created by police forensic reports, the probability of errors and omissions in these reports and the reason why they should be scrutinised as early as possible.

Data Protection Certified Course CPD

The course assumes little or no previous knowledge of data protection and will emphasise practical aspects of compliance and cover, in a practical context, the UK GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

Being Resilient in a Tough Job Market: Why Mindset Matters More Than Ever Recorded Webinar (free) CPD

This session looks at how a positive mindset and resilience can be essential tools for a competitive job market. Targeted at new lawyers, the session features a panel who share their own personal experience and advice following qualifying during the 2008 crash.

Wellbeing and positive mental health: Does being a lawyer help? Recorded Webinar (free) CPD

Watch this free online webinar for discussions around mental health issues in the legal profession.

Wellbeing at Work in Changing Times – The Business Case Recorded Webinar (free) CPD

As you and your organisation adjust to new ways of working, please join our speakers to learn more about wellbeing and resilience during a crisis.

The role of a manager in supporting employee wellbeing: Recorded webinar (free) CPD

Our panel of speakers explore the role of a manager when it comes to supporting staff with their wellbeing. We learn what some organisations have implemented to increase the confidence and skills of managers and hear about what creates trusting relationships. This event originally ran as part of our May 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week series.

What lessons about wellbeing has the pandemic taught us? Recorded webinar (free) CPD

We invite a panel of speakers to reflect on what we have learned during the pandemic in relation to wellbeing. What has changed in our personal and working lives, and what lessons can we keep for the future? This event originally ran as part of our May 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week series.

How the Mindful Business Charter can serve as a blueprint for a more mentally healthy workplace: Recorded webinar (free) CPD

We hear about the Mindful Business Charter in this event, which is a workplace initiative designed to reduce stress by facilitating more open conversations about wellbeing between firms and clients. Find out from three organisations how the Charter has impacted their workplaces and relationships. This event originally ran as part of our May 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week series.

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