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Wellbeing roundtable for law students

We're hosting this event to hear from law students, as an open forum to understand how your experiences during study have impacted your wellbeing. Perhaps more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, mental health and wellbeing have been discussed widely and we want to take this opportunity to hear from the future of our profession.

What lessons about wellbeing has the pandemic taught us?

Day 1 of our Mental Health Awareness Week event series (Monday 10 May). We invite a panel of speakers to reflect on what we have learned during the pandemic in relation to wellbeing. What has changed in our personal and working lives, and what lessons can we keep for the future?

The role of a manager in supporting employee wellbeing

Day 2 of our Mental Health Awareness Week event series (Tuesday 11 May). Our panel of speakers explore: what is the role of a manager when it comes to supporting staff with their wellbeing? We learn what some organisations have implemented to increase the confidence and skills of managers.

How the Mindful Business Charter can serve as a blueprint for a more mentally healthy workplace

Day 3 of our Mental Health Awareness Week event series (Wednesday 12 May). We hear about the Mindful Business Charter in this event, which is a workplace initiative designed to reduce stress by facilitating more open conversations about wellbeing between firms and clients. Find out from three organisations how the Charter has impacted their workplaces and relationships.

Accessing innate mental health and resilience

Day 4 of our Mental Health Awareness Week event series (Thursday 13 May). Chetna Bhatt, Founder of Being Lawyers, has trained and coached lawyers in the UK and abroad to access elevated levels of wellbeing, performance and leadership since 2013. In this session she explores how we can access our own resilience.

Fertility Awareness Session

Day 5 of our Mental Health Awareness Week event series (Friday 14 May). Marco Gaudoin, Medical Director at GCRM Fertility, takes us through the facts about fertility. Perhaps often considered a private wellbeing matter, fertility concerns and issues and family planning can have a major impact on our lives, including at work.