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Fraud alert - Law Society

A fraudulent email has been sent to some solicitors purporting to be from the Law Society.

Spike in fraudsters impersonating solicitors

A recent spike in online scams with fraudsters impersonating real law firms is a warning to all solicitors to be on the front foot to protect themselves and their clients.

Fraud alert – email interception

We have been alerted to fraudsters intercepting emails between a solicitor and their clients in an attempt to scam clients out of significant funds.

Fraud alert – scam WhatsApp messages ‘from Thorntons’

We have been alerted that Thorntons is the latest law firm to be imitated by fraudsters on WhatsApp in order to attempt to scam people out of money for pretend services.

Fraud alert - scam messages claiming to be Teneu Legal

We have been alerted to a scam where fraudsters pretending to be Teneu Legal are using Facebook and WhatsApp to falsely offer certificates of sponsorship to international care home workers.

Fraud alert – bogus solicitor

We have been alerted to a fake law firm called 'Dorfman, George & Partners LLP', claiming to have offices in Aberdeen and London.

Fraud alert - scam WhatsApp messages

We have been alerted to a scam involving WhatsApp messages that falsely claim to be from McGlashan MacKay Solicitors in relation to health and social care visas.

Fraud alert

We have been informed of scam emails being sent to law firms claiming to be from Skipton's Conveyancing Panel.

Fraud alert - fake law firm

We have been notified of a fake law firm named McCallum and Co which claims to offer legal advice in personal injury and accident compensation cases. There is no firm of solicitors of this name registered with the Law Society.

Fraud alert - business development

Read our latest fraud alert about an organisation offering business development opportunities for a brokerage fee.

Fraud alert - fake solicitor stamp and signature

We have been alerted to a scam involving the misuse of the name of a retired English-qualified solicitor as a witness to a signature on a Scottish residential lease.

Fraud alert - fake solicitor

Latest fraud alert - we have been informed that a person calling themselves David Moreno has claimed to be a Scottish-qualified practising solicitor.