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'Law abiding citizen' and other phishing emails - 6 April 2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert which explains how fraudsters are deploying banking trojans to unsuspecting victims in order to compromise their banking credentials and passwords.

Return of fraudulent bank calls to law firms - 17 February 2017

A law firm based in Inverness has received calls from a ‘Brian Johnston’ claiming to be from the ‘Bankline Fraud team’.

Email phishing attempt at Scottish law firm - 16 February 2017

We’ve been made aware that Scottish law firms have recently been targeted by a new email scam.

Suspected scam claiming outstanding debt owed

We’re aware of a suspected scam where someone claiming to be an ‘attorney’ is writing to members of the public warning that court action would be taken if an outstanding debt is not paid.

Fake calls from person claiming to be from the Law Society of Scotland - 22 December 2016

We’re aware of a potential scam where an individual claiming to be from the Law Society of Scotland has called law firms asking their staff to contact our chief executive on a mobile phone number given

Criminals sending fake bank letters to Lloyds customers - 14 December 2016

The UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, ActionFraud, has warned that Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for a new sophisticated fraud involving fake bank letters.

Fake law firm calling itself 'Law TPM & Associates’

We’re aware of scam involving a fake law firm calling itself ‘Law TPM & Associates’, who have issued correspondence relating to legal services they claim to offer.

Ongoing VAT register scam targeting solicitors - 25 October 2016

We are aware that Scottish law firms are being contacted as part of an ongoing scam relating to a VAT register.

Email fraud with subject line ‘Compensation fund’ - 14 September 2016

The UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, ActionFraud, has reported that here is a phishing email currently in circulation that claims to be from the City of London Police and which features the subject line ‘Compensation fund’.

Attempted email fraud targeting a Scottish law firm - 14 September 2016

We have received reports of yet another case of an email scam targeting the Scottish legal profession.

Suspicious emails from a "Linda McNair" - 22 July 2016

We’re aware of potentially malicious emails being sent from a “Linda McNair Conveyancer PLS Connect” reporting to relate to a property transaction.

Fake solicitor calling himself 'David Donald'

We’ve been alerted to a suspected scam where a member of the public has allegedly received correspondence from someone falsely claiming to be a solicitor called ‘David Donald’ based in Glasgow.