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Urgent fraud alert following unprecedented levels of scam activity - 7 October 2015

Fraud attempts against law firms are at unprecedented level.

Bogus banks calls targeting firms - 1 October 2015

A number of Scottish firms have today reported that they have been contacted by phone by a male person claiming to be from the 'Fraud Department' of their bank.

Scam with false banks details being sent to solicitors’ clients

We’ve been made aware of a scam where members of the public have received emails claiming to be from solicitors, providing false bank account details.

Bogus banks calls targeting firms - September 2015

We have been made aware of 'bogus bank calls' currently being received with the following features...

Attempted frauds on client accounts - September 2015

Recent attempted frauds on client accounts have involved the cashroom receiving emails, apparently from the most senior person in the firm, enquiring into how to initiate a bank transfer.

Scam using the name 'Damian Alden Law Chambers'

We’ve been made aware of a scam where a fraudulent firm of solicitors have copied the website of a genuine firm and are using their names and photographs in an attempt to deceive potential clients.

Risk management training from Marsh

A free training module for Scottish solicitors on avoiding frauds and scams.

Scam using the name 'Thomas Oxford, ESQ.’

We’ve been made aware of a scam involving a fake solicitor claiming to have an address in Edinburgh.

Reappearance of scam using the name 'RTS Legal'

It’s come to our attention that a scam firm, calling itself RTS Legal (also known as Road Traffic Specialists, also known as Legally Covered), is again trying to gain business from clients via their website.

Scam using the name ‘DIT & BOOI LAW CHAMBERS’

We have received a report of a fake law firm calling itself ‘DIT & BOOI LAW CHAMBERS’, which is asking the people it contacts to transfer money to their bank account.

Bogus banks calls - April 2015

We have been made aware of a number of recent 'bogus bank calls' which coincides with the release of a further warning from the SRA to solicitors in England & Wales.

Scam using the name ‘Carter Legal Associates’

We’re aware of a scam firm who have been claiming to be solicitors called Carter Legal Associates.