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New charity set to help legal dreams come true for Scottish students

Academically gifted students from less advantaged backgrounds can now apply for potentially life-changing funding to pursue their dreams of a legal career.

Advice for studying abroad

Caitlin Alexander a third year LLB student at the University of Glasgow, currently studying at the University of Oslo. She will undertake a Vacation Scheme with Shepherd and Wedderburn upon her return.

Reflections on the Diploma and looking to the traineeship ahead

Miranda Hughes started studying at the University of Strathclyde in 2014 and has combined the academic learning of the Graduate Entry Clinical LLB with practical experience in the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic.

Sale of Legal Post delivers cash benefits for talented Scottish students

Academically gifted students from less advantaged backgrounds in Scotland are set to benefit from a game-changing quarter of a million pound investment through the Lawscot Foundation.

Returning to uni for the accelerated LLB

Scott King, accelerated LLB student at Glasgow University, explains what to expect on the accelerated LLB and gives advice on how to get through it.

How dancing will make me a better trainee

Lorna Stephen, a diploma graduate from the University of Edinburgh who will start a traineeship at Standard Life in September 2017, explains how any skill – in her case dancing – can be transferred and applied in a work context.

Losing a loved one but keeping your studies on track

Kyle Dillon, a first-year LLB student at Dundee University, explains how it’s possible to experience a traumatic personal loss, but still do everyone proud by excelling at your studies.

The value of completing a summer placement

Aimee Godfrey, a Diploma in Legal Practice student at Dundee University explains how a summer placement at a law firm helped get her legal career up and running.

Overcoming initial nerves to thrive during your diploma

Sarah Beattie, a student at the University of Dundee, explains how she got to grips with the challenge of tackling the diploma in professional legal practice.

How to manage stress at exam time

Katy Forrest, a third year LLB student at the University of Stirling, discusses various techniques law students can use to deal with stress.

Why you should keep an open mind when starting the diploma

Ryan McLaughlin, who’s currently studying the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow, explains why those entering into the diploma should be open minded about which subjects they choose.

How getting involved in debating can change your life

Our Head of Education Rob Marrs explains how getting involved in debating, whether as a competitor or judge, can be incredibly rewarding. And more importantly, he explains how to win a debate.