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Studying law as a mature student

Lyn Ajanaku an LLB Law with English Law student at the University of Aberdeen discusses the challenges and opportunities presented to those who choose to study law as a mature student.

Street Law - opening doors that shouldn’t be closed

Jordon Reid, a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and currently a second-year commercial real estate trainee at Brodies LLP in Edinburgh, reflects on his experiences as a Street Law trainer.

Gaining legal experience as part of your law degree

Matthew Sharpe a fourth year LLB student at the University of Glasgow explains how LLB students can get some experience under their belt even at an early stage.

A textbook example of how to achieve your dreams

The inspirational story of how one law student is overcoming challenge after challenge to go after her dream career.

Life in the fast lane - some tips for studying the accelerated LLB degree

Considering the accelerated LLB degree as an option for your route to becoming a solicitor? Christopher Murphy, who’s been there and got the t-shirt, explains some of the things to bear in mind.

Five benefits of undertaking an LLM programme

David Murphy, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh explains why he's undertaking the extra step to complete an LLM degree.

Mastering study-life balance during your LLB

Caitlin Alexander, an LLB student at the University of Glasgow, make a case for capitalising on summer holidays to do the thighs you love.

Stepping up from ordinary to honours without the horrors

Danielle McLean, a fourth year LLB student at the University of Edinburgh explains what it's like stepping up from ordinary to honours when doing a law degree.

Group working in the diploma in legal practice

Samantha Stewart, who completed both her LLB and diploma at the University of Strathclyde, talks about the benefits of group working in the diploma and how to deal with the less positive stuff.

Thinking of doing a law degree? Here’s an FAQ on the LLB you should read ASAP

Rachael Wagg uses her experience as a law student and student ambassador to answer some of the questions people considering a law degree commonly ask.

Seeking learning support during your studies

Sarah Ahmed, a graduate of the University of Aberdeen explains the value of seeking out and receiving learning support for law students who need it.

Three things law students should know (that you won’t read in a university prospectus)

Sara Ford, a recent graduate of the University of Aberdeen, reveals what all prospective law students should know - including how best to handle your relationship with Judge Judy.