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Declining to appear in custody cases

Can a defence agent decline to appear in custody cases? Our Director of Professional Practice, Fiona Robb answers.

Homeworking hacks: our starter for 10

What do you need to think about as a colleague, manager or leader to help manage stress, increase mood and motivation when you’re working from home? Here's our starter for 10.

Collaboration with ICO set to benefit legal tech sector

Scotland’s legal tech sector is set to benefit from support from the Information Commissioner Office in developing innovative solutions to ensure GDPR compliance.

Registers of Scotland reports price increase

Fees for Registers of Scotland reports will increase as of Monday 30 September.

10 top tips to get you started on social media

If you're painfully aware that you're missing a trick when it comes to social media and your business, but Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are complete mysteries to you, these ten top tips will provide a useful starting point for you.

The AML Certificate period is changing

Taking learnings from last year's inaugural AML Certificate process on board, this year's process will run to a different schedule.

Support your local faculty

Sharon Wares, a solicitor with The Highland Council and member of the Society's in-house lawyers committee, tells us why she is a proud member of the Faculty of Solicitors of the Highlands

AML Certificate, where are we now?

The AML landscape is changing and coming under ever growing scrutiny at national and international level. As the AML supervisor for law firms across Scotland it is vital that the Law Society of Scotland continues to deliver a robust regulatory regime which benefits both our members and members of the public.

Need support dealing with a client with mental health issues?

Recent stats suggest that around one in three people are affected by mental illness in any one year, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a significant proportion of clients who walk in to a solicitor’s office looking for help, will be in someway affected by mental health issues or suffering from poor mental health themselves.

Budgets, relationships and ethics

Ahead of our annual conference on Friday 26 October, leadership and governance consultant Ciarán Fenton previews his conference session for in-house lawyers.

Innovation as a performance indicator

Innovation isn't just about inventing new things, it's about improving how things are done and introducing solutions that have worked elsewhere. Legal management consultant Richard Stock blogs on the importance of innovation to in-house legal departments.

Writing for real people

Whether you are writing a report or a letter it’s important to keep in mind who you are writing for: real people! Hilary Phillips shares her top tips on remembering and writing for your audience.

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