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New guidance on Law Society Style Success Fee Agreement

The Law Society has published new guidance on its style for success fee agreements. The new guidance comes into effect on 1 May 2022.

Refreshed Sectoral AML Risk Assessment

We have carried out a new, refreshed and far more detailed assessment of AML risks, tailored to the circumstances, demographic and context of the Scottish profession. The Money Laundering Regulations require that our members use this information when carrying out their own money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessments.

Legal profession concerned by Scottish Legal Complaints Commission draft budget

We have called on the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission to focus more on its core role in handling legal complaints and go further in controlling its costs.

Engaging with the complaints process

Let's talk about complaints. No one likes to be complained about, but we highlight the importance of engaging in the process as part of a solicitor's professional obligations - and seeking support if needbe.

Authorisation marks significant step towards alternative legal businesses in Scotland

The Society has been authorised as a regulator of Licensed Legal Services Providers in Scotland, marking a further step towards solicitors and non-solicitors being able to set up businesses together to provide legal and other business services to consumers in Scotland.

Law Society cautions against change which could risk higher legal bills for consumers

While we want to see major reforms to the way legal services are regulated, we have cautioned against measures which could damage the competitiveness of Scottish law firms and increase the cost of legal advice for consumers. Read more about our response to the Scottish Government consultation on legal services regulation reform.

AML annual report 2021

We have updated our AML Supervisory Annual Report building on the interim version published in February 2021. With a foreword from our CEO, Lorna Jack, the report highlights the work we have undertaken between April 2020 and April 2021 in fulfilling our supervisory obligations as per the requirements of the Money Laundering Regulations 2019.

Regulatory reforms must not increase costs for consumers

While reform of legal services regulation is long overdue, we have cautioned against against changes which could increase costs for consumers and damage the competitiveness of Scottish law firms.

Comment on Scottish Government consultation analysis on reforming legal complaints

The Society's President Ken Dalling comments following the publication of the analysis of the Scottish Government consultation on proposals to improve the current complaints system.

Specialist AML guidance for Trust & Company Work and Notaries published

The Legal Sector Affinity Group has published further anti-money laundering guidance for specialist areas of legal practice, following its extensive redraft of the main UK AML guidance in January.

Regulatory Committee update

The Society's Regulatory Committee Convener Craig Cathcart provides an update on the work of the committee in 2020 and 2021.

Inaugural AML supervisory report and Risk Appetite statement published

In February 2021, we published our inaugural annual anti-money laundering (AML) supervisory report, highlighting the breadth and range of AML initiatives that the Law Society of Scotland has recently undertaken, along with our first supervisory AML Risk Appetite statement.