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Society welcomes Supreme Court judgment on 'unlawful' employment tribunal fees

Commenting on the Supreme Court judgment that employment tribunal fees are unlawful, Stuart Naismith, Convener of the Law Society of Scotland’s Access to Justice Committee, said...

Law Society of Scotland annual conference: For the greater good

Scotland’s most senior judge, the Right Honorable Lord President of the Court of Session, Lord Carloway, will make the opening keynote address at this year’s Law Society of Scotland annual conference.

UK Government consultation: anti-money laundering supervisory review

The UK Government has launched a consultation on how a new anti-money laundering supervisory body should operate and be funded.

Bringing the world to ‘world-class’

Sarah Sutton, digital communications executive at the Law Society, talks about her bright idea to ensure international representation on the Society’s Council.

Lady Hale appointed as President of Supreme Court

Commenting on the announcement that the Rt. Hon Lady Hale is to be appointed as president of the Supreme Court, Graham Matthews, President of the Law Society of Scotland, said...

Law Society tribute to Lord McCluskey

Graham Matthew, President of the Law Society of Scotland, pays tribute to Lord McCluskey.

Secret in-house lawyer: who is your client?

There are some dilemmas faced by those practising in-house that most dare not speak of. Not so our secret in-house lawyer. In the latest blog, they tackle a tricky question - who is your client?

Legal education: fit for purpose?

Having been invited to speak at the Trainee and Newly Qualified Society’s (TANQ) summer social, Rob Marrs, our Head Education, reflects on the event's key content and encourages all new lawyers to get involved.

New guide for Scottish solicitors sets out how to avert cyber attacks

Cybersecurity risks can be particularly severe for solicitors – but simple steps will help to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, according to a new guide published by the Law Society of Scotland.

"Whole of governance" approach needed for exiting EU

A "whole of governance" approach is needed following the introduction of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, the first of eight Brexit Bills, which sets out how EU-derived law will be incorporated into UK law following the repeal the 1972 European Communities Act on the day of exit.

Glasgow solicitor struck off

Glasgow-based solicitor Alison Greer has been found guilty of professional misconduct and has been struck off the roll of solicitors by the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal.

Street Law shortlisted for social mobility award

The Law Society of Scotland’s Street Law project has been shortlisted for an innovation award at the inaugural UK Social Mobility Awards.