Responding to the Competition and Markets Authority report on Scottish legal services, published on Tuesday, 24 March, President of the Law Society of Scotland John Mulholland said:

"Our current number one priority is to support solicitors and their clients deal with the unprecedented challenge of Coronavirus.

"However, we appreciate the CMA has published a detailed report and we will want to consider the content carefully over the coming months. Some of the recommendations around price transparency involve actions which we are already committed to taking forward at the appropriate time. We also agree that pace is needed around new introducing new alternative business structures. This may be one way to help firms access vital capital following the current crisis.

"On the issue of wider reform, the CMA started its work with a clear policy position in favour of creating a new regulatory body. So it is no surprise to see it reiterating that position. However, at this of all times, we must avoid creating complicated new structures which add little benefit and only serve to build in extra costs for legal firms. All this would do is increase prices for consumers and undermine the competitiveness of the Scottish legal services market."