Responding to the Scottish Government’s new consultation on possible reforms to the legal complaints system, published today, 23 December 2020, Craig Cathcart, Convener of the Law Society of Scotland’s Regulatory Committee said:

“The system for resolving complaints is one of the most important parts of any regulatory system. Yet the existing process for dealing with complaints against solicitors is simply not working as well as it should. The current legislation sets down overly complicated and cumbersome arrangements which can result in even simple complaints taking months to get resolved. It can mean unreasonable complaints clog up the system and delay action on genuine service or conduct issues. It can also create unnecessary costs which consumers ultimately have to pay for through legal fees. This is in nobody’s interest.

“We have worked closely with the Scottish Government and Scottish Legal Complaints Commission over the last few years to identify a package of reforms to try and make the system quicker and more efficient. While they do not solve all the problems in the system, these changes offer a significant and positive step forward ahead of any primary legislation in the next term of the Scottish Parliament.

“Our hope is that, following this consultation, the Scottish Government will move forward quickly so these changes can be delivered for the rapid benefit of the public and the profession."