As we continue our efforts to support our members through Covid-19, with information, guidance and financial measures, health and safety must remain the priority.

We have been working with the Scottish Government to assist our members and members of their households in accessing Covid-19 testing if required.

Now that the Scottish Government has expanded the testing programme in Scotland, we are keen to ensure that all members of the Scottish legal profession understand whether they are eligible, what is available and where

A member of the legal profession or their household may be eligible for testing as a result of the following circumstances.
  • If professional commitments mean that you are a key worker
    Testing is available to all symptomatic key workers and symptomatic members of their households over five years of age. The Scottish Government have confirmed that practising legal professionals who are required to attend court, police stations, prisons and/or provide face-to-face advice to vulnerable individuals or groups, are Priority Group 3 key workers for the purposes of Covid-19 testing. (Please note that Government restrictions and the principles of social distancing should be adhered to in all the circumstances referred to above).

    Other legal professionals may be key workers because of the nature of their role in the private, public or third sector. Further details can be found in a comprehensive prioritisation matrix for key workers, published by the Scottish Government.

  • If you cannot work from home
    In addition to key workers, all symptomatic other workers who cannot work from home and symptomatic members of their household over five years of age are eligible for testing.

  • If you are over 65 and symptomatic, or member(s) of your household are symptomatic 
    All symptomatic over 65s and symptomatic members of their household over five years of age, are eligible for testing.

Further details about who is eligible for testing can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Where tests are carried out
  1. Drive through sites
    Testing under the UK programme in Scotland is currently conducted in drive-through sites operating at Glasgow Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Inverness, (University of the Highlands and Islands) and Perth (University of Highland and Islands campus)

  2. Mobile testing units 
    There are also a number of mobile testing units which will be located in towns across Scotland for short periods each time.  Information on current locations is available on the booking portal

  3. Home tests
    Home test kits are an option where people seeking a test are unable to attend a drive-through centre. Those with symptoms who have completed a self-referral may have the option, depending on availability, to book a home-test kit.
How to arrange a test

Details of how to self-refer, refer an employee, or order a home testing kit are available on the Scottish Government website.

Coronavirus update

We are working with partners in the Scottish legal sector and closely monitoring official advice and updates from Scottish Government and NHS to ensure that we are acting in accordance with the latest guidance to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, members and stakeholders.