What's the scam?

We’re aware of scam involving a fake law firm calling itself ‘Law TPM & Associates’, who have issued correspondence relating to legal services they claim to offer. The name ‘Natalya Morell, Advocate Associate’ features on a letter sent from ‘Law TPM & Associates’, which we have seen. They claim to have an address at Parker Street, in London.

The fake law firm, ‘Law TPM & Associates’, claims to be part of a multinational practice called ‘Newway Holdings’. We’re aware that a falsified certificate of recognition of a multinational practice from the Law Society of Scotland has been produced and may be included in correspondence that forms part of this scam.

There is no firm of Scottish solicitors called ‘Law TPM & Associates’ and no multinational practice certificate has ever been issued to ‘Newway Holdings’.

What are we doing?

This alleged scam is being investigated and any necessary action will be taken.

What should you do?

If you are contacted by a ‘Law TPM & Associates’, do not reply or engage with any offer of legal services. Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

You can use our Find a Solicitor tool to verify that an individual or law firm is in fact entitled to practise in Scotland.

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Fraud and scam alerts

We regularly issue alerts to members and the public in response to threats to the profession. We also raise awareness of any potential scams involving fake solicitors or firms.