This year's Lawscot Foundation annual fundraising campaign is on the theme of thanks. We are encouraging everyone to take a moment and think ‘How did I get here?’ and appreciate none of us can do everything alone.Whether a friend, colleague, teacher, partner, mentor, organisation, listening ear or anyone else, we will all have received support from someone at some stage.

Buy a bauble for the Lawscot Foundation tree to say ‘thank you’ to them, with all the proceeds raised going to support more young people. As well as adding a bauble to the tree, you will receive a digital bauble displaying your personal message to forward and share.

The inspiration for this year’s campaign came from students, who have spoken a lot about what getting support from the Foundation has meant to them and recognising that it has played a pivotal role in where they are today.

Jordan, who is now a second year law student at the University of Dundee, has spoken about the support he receives from the charity: "I say with great confidence, that I wouldn’t be in the advantageous position I am currently, with my studies, career choices and finances, if it wasn’t for the help of the Lawscot Foundation. I was given a student mentor two years above me. Often mentors are adults, teachers, people we cannot always relate to fully. My student mentor and also a fellow student, is great at offering study tips, course advice and being able to help with all the worries that come with being a law student. Further, I have a solicitor mentor who works in the private client sector and is perhaps the most helpful aspect of the Lawscot Foundation aid."

Olivia Moore, interim Head of Careers & Outreach at the Law Society, said: "It’s easy to feel like we have got where we are through our hard work alone, but most of the time we have needed someone supporting us behind the scenes or playing a key role in pushing us forward. The legal profession is really collegiate and filled with supportive people.

"By donating to the Lawscot Foundation you will be directly supporting more young people to access the opportunities they deserve. We hope people will share their digital baubles online to let others know about the campaign, but also because thanking people publicly is a lovely gesture."

The aim is to fill up the Foundation tree with thank you baubles, which will raise £2500 - the entire cost of an annual bursary for a student, as well as raise lots of awareness about the work the Foundation does. 

Visit our donate page now and leave a special message for the person you would like to say thank you to.

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