Over the last week, we have been receiving multiple calls or emails every day about attempted fraud attacks on client accounts. The callers claim to be from bank fraud teams and sometimes appear to be knowledgeable about bank processes and recent firm transactions.

A caller referring to themselves as 'Stephen at the bank' has called several firms asking for details of payments and has also attempted to access client accounts for solicitors.

Firms are encouraged to remind all staff of the potential for fraudulent calls purporting to be from banks.

Passwords/PINs should NOT be disclosed to anyone, even if they purport to be a member of the bank's staff.

Banks do not send emails asking for bank account information. Emails requesting password/PIN information should NOT be answered.

You can report an attempted fraud or scam to us.

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Fraud and scam alerts

We regularly issue alerts to members and the public in response to threats to the profession. We also raise awareness of any potential scams involving fake solicitors or firms.